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Discover the Garden Peninsula

No matter what the season, the Garden Peninsula offers a wide variety of site-seeing and recreational opportunities. Fayette Historic State Park, is only one of the many popular tourist destinations available to those who visit the area. Grand Rapids Gardening

Because the Garden Peninsula lies far off the beaten path, those who live here often possess an entrepreneurial spirit. Inspired by the beauty and tranquility of the location, they employ a vast array of skills, talents, and artistic abilities to make a living.

The goal of the Garden Peninsula Economic Task Force is to introduce you to the businesses and artisans that are located on or near the Garden Peninsula and to encourage you to sup

Come to visit, come to play, come to stay !

Picture taken at Fairport fishing village located at the end of the Garden peninsula. Photo taken by Stewart Jezylo July 16, 2011 Picture was also chosen to appear on channel 6, Marquette.